After going on a farm buying shopping spree earlier this week, Marta decided she needed to buy some more mundane items. She visited the evil empire: Walmart. She found Walmart to be pretty dull so she  hijacked the loudspeaker from a bewildered Walmart employee and started scatting on the loudspeaker to the delight of all the other bargain shoppers. After her performance, she received a standing ovation and a life time’s supply of toilet paper. Soon after this incident, Walmart’s stock prices rose by 6 cents. A spokesperson from Walmart said, “Ms. Marta is welcome to come back to any Walmart store and scoot or skidatter or whatever anytime she wishes.”

Skibskib dibbity doo wop shaw wanna be shiggitty shig dig dog gwow gwow ki kira kee ki kira kee cockadoodledoo shimading dong bibitty bobbity boo

For an official scatting lesson from Grampa Scatman, watch