Under the cover of darkness last night, the Spanish royal family flew Marta to Barcelona. During an early morning ceremony, the royal family officially adopted Marta and crowned her Infanta (Princess) de Catalonia. The royals woke up the 7,504,881 people in Catalonia, and they all sang “Moltes Felicitats, Infanta Marta!” “We have heard that her husband has an honorary title of pretty pretty princess,” said King Juan Carlos. “Now Marta is a step above him with her official title of Infanta de Catalonia.” When asked what expectations Queen Sofia had for Marta’s reign, the Queen responded, “El meu aerolliscador està ple d’anguiles.” Reportedly, Marta is traveling to her daffodil farm in Goobertown, Arkansas, to celebrate in style with the following people:

  • Superhero Brocbutt
  • Superhero Codpiece
  • Harold
  • Walmart shoppers
  • Lady Gaga
  • David Letterman
  • President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (the kids had to go to school)
  • Dream master midgets
  • Mobots of CMU
  • Yusaf Islam
  • Tarzan, random kid, and chimpanzee
  • Harvard football team
  • Kermit
  • Steve (the hunk)
  • Suzanna (and Nugget)
  • Pete (Waffle Master)
  • Erin (Irish)
  • Kate (Style Master)
  • Michael (Four Loco Master)
  • Steph (Paul)
  • Carlos
  • Amanda
  • All parental units (Mr. and Mrs. Tsao, Mr. and Mrs. Biarnes)
  • Mr. Hut and Miss Piggy were not invited.

Infanta Marta hanging out with her Royal peeps.

Marta, Spain's royal treasure, with the other royals.