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Marta flew to Dubai to have dinner with Yusaf Islam (Cat Stevens) and his family. After dinner, Yusaf and his son pulled out their guitars and Marta joined her alto voice with theirs to sing “If you want to sing out, sing out.” Then they talked late into the night about this wild world as the moonshadows draped themselves across Dubai.

Marta hanging out with the Islam family.

Yusaf agreed to put Marta on the re-release of the best of Cat Stevens. He renamed it "Moonshadows and Shenanigans."


Marta’s Dream Sequence

Inside sources say that Marta is very tired today. One of her fans climbed up to her balcony and peered through her windows. Allegedly, she is currently curled up in bed and taking a little nap….zzzzz…..

Deep Thoughts from Marta

Marta's brain passes telepathic molecules through osmosis (that's how we know what she's thinking).

Do we abbreviate ADD because it’s too long to say?

Marta’s husband caught her singing these songs in the shower:


Deep Thoughts from Marta

Marta's brain radiates telepathic static electricity (that's how we know what she's thinking).

How do people get discombobulated? Have you ever seen someone who was combobulated?

Marta had a fishy encounter on the street today. So she decided to buy a fish! Click here to vote on her fishy’s new name!

Marta gettin' fishy

Marta actin' fishy

A Presidential Day for Marta

Marta was invited to the White House to shoot some hoops with the President. After setting a good example for obese children all over the United States by exercising, they swung by Five Guys and grabbed some burgers to go (President Obama got one with no mayo and Marta got a cheeseburger with grilled onions ). Marta had a brief science lesson with the Obama girls and gave the President some pointers for the State of the Union Address. Then they boarded Air Force One and got down to business.  Marta presented research that showed the deplorable state of science education in the U.S. President Obama was shocked and expressed concern that American innovation will lag behind other nations unless we rectify this problem. He pledged to address this issue after he fixes the economy and settles “this health care thing.”

Just showing the President how it's done...

Marta squeezed in some time for a little science lesson with the Obama girls.

Marta (wearing a sexy blue pant suit) and President Obama

Lady Gaga Dishes about Marta

What will Lady Gaga say about Marta?

Here’s a preview of Lady Gaga on the Late Show tonight.

Scatting at the Evil Empire

After going on a farm buying shopping spree earlier this week, Marta decided she needed to buy some more mundane items. She visited the evil empire: Walmart. She found Walmart to be pretty dull so she  hijacked the loudspeaker from a bewildered Walmart employee and started scatting on the loudspeaker to the delight of all the other bargain shoppers. After her performance, she received a standing ovation and a life time’s supply of toilet paper. Soon after this incident, Walmart’s stock prices rose by 6 cents. A spokesperson from Walmart said, “Ms. Marta is welcome to come back to any Walmart store and scoot or skidatter or whatever anytime she wishes.”

Skibskib dibbity doo wop shaw wanna be shiggitty shig dig dog gwow gwow ki kira kee ki kira kee cockadoodledoo shimading dong bibitty bobbity boo

For an official scatting lesson from Grampa Scatman, watch

Deep Thoughts from Marta

Marta's brain radiates telepathic lightening bolts (that's how we know what she's thinking).

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?